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April 8, 2013
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Aszihirou - concepts pg 1 - colour by LordNetsua Aszihirou - concepts pg 1 - colour by LordNetsua
More concept art for War Command. The digital collectable card game coming out next month! These guys are little grey alien octopus/Cthulhu inspired dudes who act as a scout/support pack for the main Delylian army, an advanced alien race and a different one from my previous War Command posts. This is pretty old work now done back in early 2012.
The Delylians:

A highly advanced race who have used their superior weaponry to dominate a wide swath of the galaxy. Their technological development has long since plateaued, however, and in some areas even deteriorated as their society has become increasingly vain. Though experienced at warfare in a way, they have relied for centuries on a strategy that begins with picking a much weaker foe, and fought most of their battles largely from orbit, without ever bringing a sizeable force to the ground. Although they do suffer from political volatility, there has long been a lack of conflict within their civilization due to their ingrained respect for the "superior bloodlines;" those least affected by the scourge of cloning pollution. This age of "peace" however, is at an end, as the High Oligarchs refuse to acknowledge the coming cataclysm and all who can afford to are fleeing from beneath them.

All Artwork © 2014 Austen Mengler -, Fringe Games - War Command.
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Yukyona-G-R Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013  Student General Artist
i love both! :heart:

your color choise was amazing!!

great job!
VLPhotography Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2013
This is awesome! :D
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